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98unlimited Review. Passive income opportunities.

Welcome to my review of 98unlimited and how you can create passive income online. You are probably wondering if this is a legit site or Business opportunity and I will say YES it is! You have probably heard the hype over the last few months or, maybe you have received a flyer in the mail however, either way let me explain what 98unlimited is.

98unlimited is an online business opportunity that can create passive income for many of us. I am very biased because, I have tried many business opportunities in the past such as Affiliate marketing, CPA Marketing which is cost per action when someone chooses to do an action based on an offer such as submitting an email address or filling out a sweepstakes offers and then you as the marketer make a small commission. I have also tried selling online and a few other fails. Many of them have worked however, not enough to leave a 9 to 5 job.

Many of the above opportunities are great but, also very taxing and hard work if you can not achieve the amount of traffic needed to make a profit.

98unlimited is a great online business opportunity that allows members to start off with a done-for you Capture page, Built in autoresponders and follow-up emails along with a back office that is very easy to understand and has instructional videos that will allow you to get set up in less than 15 minutes. This is a Direct Marketing system that allows you to get paid from other members directly after setting up your payment options.

98 unlimited offers all the tools needed for you to succeed at running the business. You will get other options to promote your business and capture page such as options to get post cards at a very low cost to obtain customers and like-minded individuals who are sick and tired of these online so called gurus that promise their programs will work and in the end all you have done was wasted money, time and energy. Listen, I have been there and done all of it. This online business opportunity allows you to send direct emails right from the platform with no additional need for setting up a third party email marketing system which, allows you to generate passive income.

The creators of 98unlimited

Frank & Laura Vingiano whom are successful entrepreneurs whom has helped millions of people become financially free and have time freedom. You Get paid before even opening your wallet. The cost is less than a dinner out with a friend. Most members get paid within their first 10 days. The owners help you set up your webpage and your entire system. It is one of the easiest businesses to start literally. They are apart of the direct selling market and you receive all of your commissions directly.

What 98unlimited is NOT.

98unlimited is NOT an MLM

98unlimited is NOT a Scam

98unlimited is NOT a Fake Compensation plan that you will never achieve!

What 98unlimited is.

You will learn from team builders that are backed by 20 years of experience.

A 1 Tier System

Digital Marketing Tools

Learn How to Bank $98 Multiple times per day, Paid directly to you.

Better than a Susu-Yes, I said it. ( Some people will get it)

Better than those Groups on Telegram that you invest $500, $1000 or more and never see a return.

Residual Income

Time freedom

Financial freedom

More Money at the end of the month after you have paid bills.


All the tools needed to succeed

Get paid in the 1st 10 days

Website set up

You also get downloadable items that include how to build a huge mailing list as soon as possible.

You get a downloadable item on 30 ways to promote your business and More…..

We do understand that not every business or opportunity is for everyone however, what are you waiting for. Listen to the short presentation and you decide and if it’s not for you we totally understand.

Presentation available here<<<

Thank you for reading and Good luck on all your future endeavors.

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