How you can make money selling Ebooks with PLR- Private label rights!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So, what is PLR- Private Label Rights?

Private label rights is a license where the creator of the product or book sells the intellectual property rights to their work. This license is indicated by the creator of the digital product or ebook of the work. It may also be referred to as “White Label” or “ the resale rights” to the item.

When you decide to purchase products with private label rights it can help you save time in creating content by buying those rights so that you can edit and in most cases claim ownership of the materials. There are many licenses available for articles, ebooks, digital products and software, video, and audio. For example, you can purchase PLR articles, rewrite them and post them on your own blog.

I have had people ask me wouldn't it be copying or plagiarizing?

No, because, authors have already made a plethora of money through various means and many authors or creators simply enjoy writing or creating in abundance! Therefore, as they create material private label rights and master resell rights content is done with knowing that

customers and marketers will use it on their own website and in their marketing materials. Many PLR sellers are delighted to come across their content and they get really excited that people are using their work.

So, how do you start selling ebooks with PLR rights?

Come on over to I have a variety of ebook options on various topics for just about any niche that you may be interested in. If you have a large audience that is half the battle. Unlike, myself I had to start from scratch and I am still striving to reach my goals while helping people learn to maximize their income online with PLR content.

I started my research last year working and learning Affiliate marketing and on my journey I learned how to start building my audience with offering ebooks on topics that people enjoy. Now, if you do not have an audience you can start getting eyes on your products through Facebook stories and Instagram stories which are all free methods. Of course, you can do Google Ads and Facebook Ads if you already have a budget however, if you are like myself I started out with free promotional methods and as you earn you can invest those earnings back into your business with paid ads or solo ads. However, for now just take action and get started on the budget you have. Start where you are today.

Pro's of selling PLR- Private label rights content or ebooks.

Grow your Brand and your audience.

Grow your email list and followers

Place affiliate links inside your Ebooks for maximum profits!

Con's of selling PLR_ Private label rights contents or ebooks.

Unable to post PLR ebooks on Amazon, Gumroad or other major platforms if you do not edit them and I mean you must have great editing skills and to be honest that is no excuse because, there are too many free editors online for you to make this as an excuse. You can use a free online tool called Spin Bot > This is just to start however, there are definitely better editors available.

How can you get started?

Go to we have mega packs available that you can purchase these bundle packs for amazingly low prices. If you would like to start a franchise email me at

or message me on Facebook at I have a partner that we can help you get up your website in 24 to 48 hours. All of the information is available on my website above.

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